What does "R fragrance" stand for?

RIN - Japanese word meaning “dignified”

Our perfumes are designed to communicate the truly enriched spirit of Japan ,
and the authentic Japanese elegance and sophistication.

Chihiro Murai

Since childhood, Chihiro has shown a keen interest in scented products such as sachets and eau de cologne.

At the age of 15, she had her first encounter with a perfume and she was completely mesmerized by its power and effect. 

She has received the professional education to acquire the skill of perfume-making.
After working for a fragrance company as a perfumer for a few years, she became a freelancer in 2014.
She established R fragrance Co., Ltd. in January 2017 and launched her first fragrance brand “R fragrance” in March of the same year.

Chihiro has always been fascinated by philosophy and psychology.
Her interest has been focused on understanding the invisible and giving it a form, expressing hidden human emotions, which has influenced greatly on her current creation of perfumes.